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Gift Certificates
Perfect for Birthdays,
Christmas, Graduation
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Horse ownership without the responsibility?
Then leasing is for you! Leasing a horse means
you don't have to pay for any bills, and on
certain days the horse is reserved just for you.

2 days a week- $180/mo
3 days a week- $260/mo

Full lease/7 days - $400/mo

If you are interested, ask Jean for a
List of Available Horses!
Kids wanting to work or volunteer...

  • Must be taking lessons, leasing, or boarding there for at
    least one year (some exceptions for PNO'ers and campers).

  • Must be at least 11 yrs old for barn chores, 12 yrs old for
    PNO's or B-days, and 13 for camps

If you want to be a worker or volunteer, email Miss Jean
with your age and qualifications, and a phone number.

Woodhaven Merchandise

Order your Woodhaven T-shirts,
Sweatshirts, and Car Decals today!
Need to earn service hours or
service points? There are many
opportunities including working
at Parents Night Out, Parties,
Camps, cleaning up trails and
pastures, and more! Great for
Scout Groups, NHS, NJHS,
Churches & more!
Call Jean for more info.
Looking for activities
for your church group
or scout group?

Contact Jean.

Contact Jean for days
times for home school